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Body Weight Composition

Have you ever wondered what your body weight is composed of? It is important to know your fat & water content relative to your lean body mass. What does this mean? Anyone can lose water weight and it looks great on the scale. Some people even lose muscle mass (which is NOT what you want). Simply looking at weight tells you nothing more that how much gravitational push your body is exerting on the surface of the scale. Are that person who is trying to lose fat? Whether you are trying to lose fat for health reasons or you are a body builder or athlete, it is crucial to ensure that you are maintaining or increasing your healthy body mass such as muscle, etc. and losing primarily fat. The only way to KNOW is to check with a body composition evaluation machine such as a medical grade BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis). This is a separate service that we offer at Watertown Wellness Center. You asked, we listened. Get your body composition report today!

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